The T-Writer: It Can Do More Than Just Signatures

twriterIt is an obvious question: Are there Automated Signature Technology products that can address envelopes or write a letter? The answer: “of course!” The T-Writer is an advanced version of the Ghostwriter T Series specifically for customers who want to use variable data to personalize their documents.

Like the Ghostwriter, The T-Writer is very compact with a footprint of 18 by 18 inches and weighs approximately 15 pounds. This machine connects to your network or directly to your computer and is capable of writing personal notes, letters and addressing envelopes. It writes with your choice of handwriting font and signature.

The machine may also be operated stand-alone as a Ghostwriter T Series as well.

The T-Writer software can be used on any Windows operating system with the T-Writer or MAXWriter unit. This software imports your personalized or mail-merged documents, and allows you to make corrections to the formatting as well as randomize characters before sending documents to the machine.

As is the case with all Ghostwriter machines, the T-Writer uses any writing instrument such as ballpoint, felt-tip, permanent markers, fountain pens, calligraphy pens, pencils…even crayons, and signs or writes on a variety of sizes and thickness materials. Each machine features auto-rewrite, adjustable pen pressure, speed adjustment and 4 by 6-inch signing production area. A foot pedal and light board are included with each machine.