Who is Automatic Signature Technology

Automated Signature Technology was founded in 1998 by the children of Robert M. De Shazo Jr., the founder of signature machine technology. We are dedicated to providing the best products and services available available on the market today.

Where is Automated Signature Technology?

Automated Signature Technology is located in Sterling, Virginia near Dulles International Airport. Please feel free to contact us by phone, fax or email. Our hours are 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST.

Where can I find pricing on your machines?

Our machines are customer configured to meet your needs. Contact us at 1-800-636-4450 and we will explain all pricing options, or you can complete the request for quote form.

Do the signatures signed by your machines actually appear real?

Signatures from our machine are real and look real. Our equipment uses the same pen as you do to sign. Therefore, pen indentations, smudges and other pen characteristics are created by our equipment.

What type of signature machines do you sell?

There are two basic categories of products: static and variable data. The Ghostwriter machines (Ghostwriter and Ghostwriter MAX) are static machines, meaning they write the same signature and phrase over and over again. The Writer machines (MAXWriter and T-Writer) connect to a computer. These machines write variable data such as envelope addresses and personalized letters. Both lines feature manual and automatic feed models, as well as a variety of security features.

Do you offer automatic feed machines?

Yes. We offer two automatic-feed models, the Ghostwriter MAX and MAXWriter.

What security features are available?

Each model has different built-in security features, but all models offer removable writing arms and signature storage devices. A variety of locking hardware is available to prevent unwanted use of your machine, while Ghostwriter models offer standard simple security on every unit. This feature requires a password to be entered each time the machine is turned on. Optional logging software is also available for the Ghostwriter line to see who has accessed the machine.

Are accessories are available on a signature machine?

We offer a variety of add-on functions that allow you to customize a machine to grow with your organization. Features such as Datalog Security and PIN Security allow you to limit access to the machine as well track usage. Variable Signature Sizing allows the size of the signature to be reduced or enlarged on the machine. In addition, we offer stands and covers for each model.

Can a machine write an entire postcard and sign it?

Yes. The Ghostwriter machines (Ghostwriter and Ghostwriter MAX) can reproduce up to 4 lines of text on a postcard or as a postscript. The Writer machines (MAXWriter and T-Writer) can write an entire letter using a word processing program and handwriting font.

How fast do the machines sign/write?

Our machines write at human speed, as our machines are designed to produce quality handwriting reproductions, not thousands per hour. Pen choice, writing details and length affect speed, as a felt-tip pen can write faster than a ballpoint. Connected characters are faster than printed characters and scribbled or short signatures are faster than long detailed signatures. The writing speed is adjustable on the machine but care should be taken to monitor quality.

I need to order a new signature for our machine. Where do I get a form?

You can call customer service at 1-800-636-4450 to request a form. Please have your machine model available when calling. You may also download a form from our web site:Ghostwriter Signature Order Form or SigTech Signature Order Form.

What are the capabilities of the GhostWriter

The Ghostwriter autopen integrates cutting-edge technology with the Sigtech line of signature machines. This machine offers an increased signing area to sign phrases and postscripts and is the smallest machine in our product line.

What are the capabilities of the writer?

The Writer machines are variable data machines. These machines (MAXWriter and T-Writer) smooth cconnect to a network or directly to a computer and write your mail-merged documents.

What happened to the Sigtech 800 and the Sigtech 4000?

The Sigtech 800 and Sigtech 4000 are dependable machines that have been retired. These machines were mechanically based and weighed over 100 pounds. Advances in technology enabled us to integrate robotic technology with our mechanical design, resulting in a much smaller, lighter and less expensive machine to manufacture. We still provide service and support for all mechanical machines.

Are the GhostWriter models as reliable and rugged as the mechanical machines?

Absolutely. Our machines have traveled the world with a variety of organizations, and the Ghostwriter models have proven to be every bit as dependable. We do recommend if the machines will be mobile, you purchase one of our rugged cases to protect the machine from the elements.

What is your factory warranty?

All signature machines manufactured by Automated Signature Technology are covered by a 90-day factory warranty. If the product is found to be defective during this warranty period, Automated Signature Technology will repair or exchange the defective product with an identical or equivalent replacement. After the 90-day factory warranty period, an annual maintenance contract is available for purchase. Call us at 1-800-636-4450 for more information.


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