These Accessories Can Make Your Autopen Even More Efficient


All Ghostwriter and Writer systems include certain standard equipment, depending on the model you choose. Automated Signature Technology also offers options you may choose to purchase, which are listed below. For pricing on these items, please contact Sales at 1-800-636-4450 for further detail. Any selected software options are installed directly on your machine.
  VARIABLE SIGNATURE SIZING: This allows changes to the size of any signature on the machine, ranging from 25 to 200 percent.
  RANDOM SIGNATURE SIZING: This allows you to randomly change the size of any signature on the machine between a top and bottom threshold.
  SIGNATURE CAROUSEL: Loads 5 signatures into the machine at one time and signs in a rotation. It can be five variations of one signature or five different signatures.
  DATALOG SECURITY: Allows for individual usercodes and passcodes with usage tracking.
  SECURITY LOCK: This keyed electric lock terminates the power to the machine, preventing operation by unauthorized personnel.
  DUST COVER: Provides complete cover for your machine.
  STANDS: We offer a variety of carts and stands for Ghostwriter and Ghostwriter MAX machines.
  RUGGEDIZED CARRYING CASES: For protection when making a machine mobile.
  FORMATTED USB FLASH DRIVE: This preformatted drive can be used for email signature files.
  NETBOOK FOR WRITER: This netbook is programmed for use with writer machines. Package includes T-Writer software and cables.